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Technical translations by professionals

Since 1995, Alexxtec has been providing software localisation as well as technical translations into many Western European, Eastern European and Asian languages in all fields of industry and technology. Our translation office with headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany, handles all common formats of technical documentation such as AutoCAD, Adobe Framemaker, Adobe Indesign.

Our reference projects from the last year show you what we have translated and can translate.

Technical translations for the whole world

Most translations in our translation agency are done from German and English, the most important languages of technology and science. 

We translate into these languages

Bulgarian 0.11 € / word
Chinese 0.13 € / word
English 0.12 € / word
Finnish 0.13 € / word
French 0.12 € / word
German 0.12 € / word
Italian 0.11 € / word
Japanese 0.15 € / word
Korean 0.17 € / word
Croatian 0.11 € / word
Latvian 0.12 € / word
Lithuanian 0.12 € / word
Dutch 0.13 € / word
Polish 0.11 € / word
Portuguese 0.12 € / word
Romanian 0.11 € / word
Russian 0.09 € / word
Serbian 0.11 € / word
Slovakian 0.10 € / word
Slovenian 0.11 € / word
Spain 0.12 € / word
Czech 0.11 € / word
Turkish 0.13 € / word
Ukrainian 0.11 € / word
Hungarian 0.12 € / word

Translations into English

Technical translations for English-speaking countries, including such language directions as German-English and English-German translations, are offered by us in two variants: British English and American English. All translations are carried out by native speakers only.

Translations into Ukrainian 

Translations into Ukrainian get a boost in 2022. We continue to translate technical documentation for our end clients in Ukraine, and also provide many translations for Ukrainian war refugees.

Specialisation in technical translations

This is the most important thing that distinguishes us from many translation offices and translation agencies. Thanks to our extensive experience and many years of dealing with the translation of technical documentation, you can rely on our competence.

Translation of technical documentation

Primarily, we translate technical documentation, including operating instructions, manuals, installation instructions, repair instructions, drawings, parts lists, etcetera. Translation of YouTube videos of technical training is also increasingly in demand and is carried out by us. We also carry out translations in areas such as law, economics or medicine, for which we also have the appropriate specialists. These technologies determine our lives more and more.

Your translators for technology

Our core team includes 5 project managers, 2-3 proofreaders per language, salaried translators and software localisation specialists, as well as numerous freelancers. Our working languages are German, English, Russian, Ukrainian and French. Russian ans Ukrainian specialist translators make up about a third of all specialist staff. As of February 2018, our translation agency has a new owner, and with him came new project managers, responsible for Western European languages.

Our technical translation agency also has its own DTP department, which prepares print-ready documents in various languages in programmes such as InDesign, Framemaker or CorelDraw. Relatively new to us is our own department of IT specialists who are used for software localisation.

Trados and other CAT tools

We use CAT tools for all projects, usually SDL Trados (currently versions Studio 2019 and Studio 2021), Across and memoQ. This reduces costs and increases the quality of the translated documents. Every translator at our agency can confidently work with Trados, and many can also work with Across and memoQ. 

Since 2016, our translation agency has been working in accordance with the current DIN EN ISO standard 17100:2016-05, which guarantees that the documents we translate meet the strict international standards for quality assurance in translation work. 

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Quick contact: info@alexxtec.com.

Technical translation agency Alexxtec - legally compliant translation by professionals

Not all technology is produced in one's own country today. In many places, large parts of production are outsourced to highly technological countries such as Japan or China. Anyone who buys a technical product and wants to consult the respective operating instructions is usually dependent on a comprehensible translation if they do not know the respective national language. Such translations are done by technical translators.

As a technical translation agency, we have been providing technical translations from German and English as well as many other languages since 1995.

No matter whether you want to have technical English translated or commission technical translators for another foreign language: Our translations address all topics in the technical and scientific fields.

Looking for technical translators? Get an overview of our services now.

Technical translations in German, English & Co. - these are the advantages

A translator for technical English or many other languages is proficient in the respective language and able to perform a translation into technical English etc. professionally. In many cases, they are native speakers. They are also very familiar with the subtle differentiations within the respective language. They deliver texts that come out exactly as is typical of the country for technical English. Translators are able to write technical translations into German, English, etc. in a predefined style, unlike the case with machines. In the respective foreign language, it is not always possible to provide a precise translation for certain terms. Through the creativity of technical English & Co. translators, phrases can be implemented that accurately reflect the content of the original.

In addition, a technical English translator is a master of his or her craft. While translation software sometimes reaches its limits when it comes to certain expressions, technical translators are very familiar with the demands placed on them.

Alexxtec - Technical English Translation & Many Other Languages

As a technical translation agency with many years of expertise, we offer translations into a wide range of languages from Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. We use programmes such as Framemaker, AutoCAD and also Indesign for the common formats of technical documentation.

A large number of our projects involve translations into technical English, but classics such as Russian, Ukrainian, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish are also possible. Our portfolio is rounded off by technical translations into unusual languages such as Serbian, Lithuanian, Slovakian or even Korean. Unlike when you need technical English translated, the special challenges of dealing with other characters also play a major role in Russian or Chinese. Translators who work for Alexxtec can also deal with these challenges in a highly professional manner. A technical English translation can be delivered in British English as well as in American English.

Technical English - Hire a Translator at Alexxtec

Are you looking for a technical English translator who has excellent knowledge of this specialist area? Or do you want to hire a technical translation agency for technical translations into extravagant languages? 

Alexxtec is the perfect partner for you in all these cases.

We translate operating, repair and installation instructions, manuals as well as technical documentation, parts lists, drawings and many other documents for you.

Do you conduct technical training in the form of YouTube videos? We can also provide you with technical translations in German, English, etc. for this. Furthermore, you will find translators for technical English who are also there for you in the legal, economic or medical sectors.

Put your project in our hands now! 

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