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Translations Chinese

German - Chinese and English - Chinese translations have become one of the most important language combinations at Alexxtec in recent years. Everyone knows what an enormously important role China plays in the global economy, accordingly the demand for the translation of technical documentation into Chinese remains high. We use Chinese experts who know the technology perfectly for such translations.

Depending on the client's wishes, we offer both common variants of the Chinese language: traditional and simplified. Since the two scripts sometimes differ considerably, it is enormously important for each client to know his target group in order to use the correct script accordingly.

Technical translations Chinese

We translate into Chinese for our European customers, especially for companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, operating instructions, installation instructions, manuals, service instructions, drawings, certificates, parts lists, repair instructions and other technical documentation. We translate equally well and gladly from both English and German. The important thing is that we always prefer the language of the original in which the document was created.

Legal translations into Chinese

Legal translations (sales contracts, supply contracts, employment contracts, financing contracts, etc.) German - Chinese and English - Chinese are also part of our programme.

Our translation agency offers fast and reliable translations not only in all technical fields, but also translations of business correspondence, presentations and all other documents. Technical translations, however, clearly predominate.

Use of CAT tools

Where possible and necessary, our Chinese translators use CAT tools, primarily SDL Trados, currently in its 2019 and 2021 versions, which saves the client money and increases the quality of the translation thanks to the consistency of the translated documents. The use of other CAT tools such as Across and memoQ is also possible. However, SDL Trados remains as the most popular programme among other CAT tools, even for Chinese translations.

In 2019, we have further strengthened the team because of the new major orders announced for Chinese. This year and also in 2020, we are mainly dealing with orders from the new customer in the engineering sector: they are numerous translations of operating manuals for natural gas drilling rigs and oil drilling rigs. 

We have also practically become a translation department for a well-known German pump manufacturer and are now translating its complete documentation into Chinese as well. Translations are ongoing from German and English.

Software localisation Chinese

We deliver some projects from a single source. In most cases, the complete delivery includes not only the translation of technical documentation, but also the translation of software, i.e. software localisation. Thanks to in-depth technical knowledge, our specialists deliver flawless translations.

The localisation of PC software, iOS apps and Android apps complete the range of services. The translation of industrial software is often a component of many translation jobs anyway. 

The translation or localisation of online shops into Chinese is also part of this.

Alexxtec: Your professional for Chinese translations

China is one of the most important players in the global economy. More and more Chinese companies are setting out to gain a global foothold - at the same time, European companies are also recognising the importance of good trade relations in the Middle Kingdom. Alexxtec specialises in Chinese translations. Whether German Chinese or English Chinese translation - we are at your disposal for all kinds of translation work.

Conquer the Chinese market with Alexxtec

As a qualified translation agency, we have a wealth of experience in Chinese translations. Our specialists know the subtle linguistic and cultural peculiarities of this emerging country. The complexity of the Chinese language with its 12,000 different characters poses an enormous challenge. Alexxtec works with translators who are native speakers and who also master the various sub-languages and dialects. In times of globalisation, a good translation of written documents is a success factor that you cannot afford to neglect.

Traditional or simplified - it depends on the target group

There are two main variants of the Chinese language: Traditional or simplified. Because there are considerable differences, it is important to define the target group. This is the only way to ensure correct application. We at Alexxtec will be happy to advise you on this topic.

Technical translations into Chinese

Technical translation in the technical sector is a task for specialists. Alexxtec knows what it takes. Many companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland make use of our services. We translate manuals, operating instructions, service instructions, repair instructions and many other types of technical documentation. Not only German Chinese, we also carry out any technical translation English Chinese - generally we prefer the language of the original.

Legal translations

Anyone working with Chinese business partners cannot do without a competent translation agency. The risk of mistakes in the translation of sales contracts, rental agreements, financing or employment contracts is too great. Last but not least, it is also a matter of legal certainty. Of course, we also translate business correspondence of all kinds as well as any legal English Chinese translation.

English Chinese translation: Saving costs by using CAT tools

CAT tools - computer assisted translation - are an important tool for high-quality translation work. They are special software applications that optimise the work of the human translator and thus increase translation quality. At Alexxtec, we mainly use the CAT tool SDL Trados, but we can also use memoQ or Across if the customer wishes. With these modules, we maximise translation performance, which usually means cost savings for the client.

Take advantage of professional English Chinese or German Chinese translation!

If you are looking for a professional translation agency, Alexxtec is the right partner for you. We are able to carry out even extensive and technically demanding translations into Chinese quickly and reliably.

You can contact us at any time via our enquiry form!

Prices for German-Chinese and English-Chinese translations

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