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Alexxtec - Our team

As a rule, you as a customer deal with the boss, who himself translates a lot and gladly in his office in Wuppertal, mostly technical documentation and software. Other project managers in Prague, Paris, Warsaw, Kiev, Milan, Lisbon, Istanbul and other cities in Europe remain invisible to the clients.

We at the head office in Wuppertal, NRW, speak German, English, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Italian and Spanish with our clients. For other languages we have our translators.

Our team is compact. This makes us flexible and allows us to keep our prices low. We do without expensive offices in the big cities and also expensive advertising. On the other hand, our translators are paid well, which is good for the quality of the translations.

The boss of Alexxtec Translations

The Alexxtec translation agency in the city of the famous suspension railway is run by the boss, a translator with 30 years of experience. After studying linguistics, he has been working in Germany since 1992, first as an employed translator, then as a freelance translator and since 2001 as the owner of his own translation agency.

Thanks to his experience, countless operating instructions and manuals are delivered annually to companies, hospitals and institutions throughout Europe and South America: Brazil, Chile, the USA, Portugal, Spain, France, the UK, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Croatia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Russia (much less since 2022), Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tukmenistan, China, Japan, Korea and other countries.

Project managers of our translation agency

Other project managers, who play a very important role at Alexxtec Translations, take care of the smooth running of the work for our clients. They directly supervise their projects from start to finish. Each of them is an experienced translator himself. This allows each of us to replace another colleague when necessary. This is important for smaller translations, which the boss often does himself, or for larger projects, where the support of another person is often needed. Each project manager is the direct assistant to the boss.

Alexxtec lecturers

It is common practice for many of our colleagues to have a second translator read and correct the translation. This is called a "four-eyes principle". We go further. We have specially trained proofreaders who proofread the translations. They have to be better than translators, always think ahead and work with foresight. They know how and where to check something more closely in the translation and where errors may be hiding.

Lately, they also deal with proofreading machine translation. Even though most translators are generally against this kind of translation, it is impossible to imagine our profession without machine translation. But without a translator, or rather a proofreader, such a translation is of limited use and absolutely must be corrected.

Alexxtec translators 

Our translators and other employees do not see our customers. But they do the most important work: translating as if on an assembly line. Each one is an expert in his or her field: technology, law, architecture, medicine, pharmacy. Many of them are specialists in other narrower fields - electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer technology, mining, biology, etc.

Other employees are

- DTP specialists for all languages
- Programmers and IT specialists
- Doctors for medical translations
- Chemists for chemical translations

They make our team a technical translation agency that has played an important role in technical translations in Europe since 2001. When we think of the specialist areas in which we have carried out translations over all these years, we can think of few. From electronics to medicine, from aircraft construction to nuclear power plants - we've translated it all before.

And we still feel like translating more. With modern topics like new technologies, renewable energies, robotics, etc.

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