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Technical translations Latvian

We have also carried out many large to very large projects in German - Latvian and English - Latvian translations in recent years. Most of the projects were translations of technical documentation into Latvian as well as translations for the country's agricultural businesses.

Latvian technical translators

These include many instruction manuals and handbooks from the mechanical engineering sector, for the electronics and electrical engineering sectors, agriculture and agricultural technology, Latvian software localisation for equipment, as well as many drawings for construction projects. In some projects, such as power plants, we have carried out complete translation into Latvian from the initial quotation to the smallest sign on the plant, including software localisation, i.e. translation of all menus and control elements of individual machines and plant components. 

Our Latvian translators are highly qualified specialists, many of whom have a technical degree in addition to their language training, which is enormously important for technical translations. This is because the technical language is sometimes so complicated that dictionaries cannot help.

We translate for you

- Operating instructions
- Installation instructions
- Repair manuals
- Product catalogues
- Training documents
- Safety certificates
- Websites
- Drawings

Legal and other translations

In addition to technical translations, we also carry out other translations: 

- Business correspondence
- Sales contracts
- Supply contracts
- Employment contracts
- Presentations
- Company brochures
- Advertising leaflets
- Certificates


All translations into Latvian, if possible and necessary, are carried out using modern CAT tools. Primarily SDL Trados Professional 2019 and 2021 are used, these programmes are mastered by every translator at our company.

Our most recent projects for Latvia

- Software localisation energy plant English-Latvian
- Operating instructions machine tools German-Latvian
- Operating instructions oil plant German-Latvian
- Test reports gas phase process German-Latvian
- Operating Instructions Energy Plant German-Latvian
- Drawings Construction Plans German-Latvian
- Drawings Construction Plans English-Latvian
- Operating manuals water purification systems, German-Latvian
- Operating manuals lathes, English-Latvian

DTP (foreign language typesetting) Latvian

As with other languages, we offer DTP services for Latvian. We deliver print-ready documents in the Latvian language. It does not matter whether it is our translation or the client's finished translation, we can also convert your translated texts. Our DTP specialists use DTP software in the latest versions, such as InDesign, Framemaker or QuarkXPress. Drawings are usually edited directly by translators, without DTP specialists. Only in the case of complicated drawings with many tables and little space is the DTP department used.

Latvian software localisation

wr also receives more and more orders for Latvian software localisation: translation of PC software, iOS apps and Android apps into Latvian. Industrial software translation is often a part of many translation jobs anyway. 

Translation or localisation of online shops is also part of it.

B2B translations only

As a translation company, we only work with other companies, so we do not carry out translations for private individuals such as passports, diplomas, certificates and other documents for presentation to German authorities. Please contact our colleagues who specialise in this field.

Prices for German-Latvian and English-Latvian translations

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