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Enquiry to Alexxtec

You can send us an enquiry via the form or send your files by e-mail to info@alexxtec.com. It is important to us that our customers always receive a transparent and clear offer. Many people wonder why a translation can cost so differently with different providers. We will explain why.

Why do we want to see your files?

It's simple: if you start from our word price only, the final result might not be right, the word price is only for orientation. The final price could be higher or lower.

Why might the price be lower? By using CAT tools such as SDL Trados or Across, the repetitions will significantly reduce the price. However, in order to do this, we need to have your files and they need to be complete. Our translation agency actively uses these tools. They save the client time and money, because the translation is done faster and more efficiently. The translator does not save any costs, on the contrary. On the contrary, these programmes significantly improve the quality of the translation, because the translator can use them to refer back to his or her previous translation projects.

On the contrary, a complexly formatted document may cause slightly higher costs, such as scanned PDF files or Autocad drawings in dwg format. In these cases, we add the extra cost of reformatting or charge for the whole job on an hourly basis. However, we always discuss this with the client and do so beforehand to avoid any potential billing issues.

When the quotation arrives

We provide the quotation immediately, usually within 1 hour or even faster. If possible, please let us know your preferred date. This has no effect on the price, but is necessary for the optimal processing of your order.

Different translation costs

Many customers know this: the difference in price can be enormous for a translation request. This is easy to explain. Here are the most important reasons from our point of view.

1) If you commission a translation agency, you have to expect a surcharge of 50 to 80%. In return, there are usually no problems with delivery dates. The agency can always find a freelance translator quickly.

2) If you hire a freelancer, the costs are lower. The disadvantage: he can be fully booked and you can wait a very long time for your translation.

3) Our translation agency is closer in price to the freelancer, but we still always have freelance translators. Our relatively low costs can be explained by the fact that we have fewer expenses than agencies thanks to our good organisation.

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