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Technical translations Lithuanian

Especially in the field of German-Lithuanian translations, we can be proud of very large projects in recent years, where the work often took several months to a year. Among the Baltic states, Lithuania attracts the most investments. As a company between European manufacturers and Lithuanian buyers, we can see this in the number of orders in the current year as well. 

Translation of technical documentation into Lithuanian

For example, we have translated complete documentation for a well-known wood processing plant in Lithuania, including many operating manuals for individual machines such as presses or saws. We have also carried out software localisation for all machines and equipment at this plant, as well as translating countless drawings.

Translations are carried out from German and English, the two most important languages of technology and business in Europe. We translate equally well from both languages. For us it is rather important to translate from the original language. Of course, translations from other languages such as French or Italian are also possible, but such orders are rather rare.

Legal and other translations  

Apart from technical translations, we also carry out other translations German - Lithuanian and English - Lithuanian: 

- Contracts of any kind
- Presentations
- Training material
- Company brochures
- Business correspondence
- Certificates
- Advertising leaflets


All translations, where possible and necessary, are carried out using CAT tools, primarily SDL Trados, currently in its 2019 and 2021 versions, as well as other tools such as Across and memoQ. The use of CAT tools saves the client money and makes the translator's job easier. We take careful care of our databases to ensure that documentation is updated quickly and to the usual high standard.

Lithuanian software localisation

Very important for the client is the fact that we are also perfectly familiar with software localisation of machinery and equipment when it comes to the Lithuanian language. We professionally translate the software that controls the machinery and equipment, taking into account all standards and rules. Whether it is only the translation of the software strings or also the translation of the files in the machine format is not important for us, we master everything.

We also receive more and more orders for software localisation B2C Lithuanian: translation of PC software, iOS apps and Android apps into Lithuanian. Industrial software translation is often a part of many translation jobs anyway. 

The translation or localisation of online shops is also part of this.

Our biggest projects in Lithuania

Translations of the complete technical documentation for the Giriu Bizonas MDF and OSB production plant (now IKEA Industry Lithuania) remain our largest projects to date. The translation of the entire documentation took several months. Work on technical documentation for this plant as well as for other Lithuanian plants will continue in 2020.

Ongoing translations

Recently we have been doing mostly technical translations in mechanical engineering, metalworking, as well as general translations such as tourism, agriculture, education.

The biggest ones are

- Operating manuals drying plants German-Lithuanian
- Operating instructions energy plant German-Lithuanian
- Installation and foundation plans English-Lithuanian
- User manual knife sluice German-Lithuanian

Prices for translations German-Lithuanian and English-Lithuanian

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