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Software localisation

Our customers are manufacturers of sophisticated technical equipment that is controlled by computer. We also carry out the necessary software localisation, mostly by translating prepared software strings, but also using special tools with a preview function. We offer software localisation for Chinese, German, Polish, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages.

We translate software for machines

Thanks to the extensive experience of our translators, we know exactly how to solve possible problems with the display of the translated texts in the finished machines at the translation stage. First and foremost, it is a question of keeping the texts in their length. This is not always easy and you have to be familiar with the technology to know exactly how to use abbreviations correctly and, above all, in a way that is understandable to the end customer.

It is much more complicated to find the merged text sometimes among scrambled texts. We know that in most cases it is due to technical reasons. Our translators have the necessary knowledge of software development to solve such problems effortlessly and to present the translated software in the right look.

Software localisation for PC

Software localisation for normal PC applications is also a familiar subject for us. Our experts make your PC and Internet applications look good even in different foreign languages. We translate your software with programmes of your choice or with special tools and CAT tools such as Catalyst, Passolo, SDL Trados.

Translations of online help

We also have a lot of experience in translating online help, in all traditional formats or as PDF or html-based. This means we can take on complete jobs and deliver everything from a single source, making the customer's work easier and reducing costs. You can rely on our expertise.

Software localisation of apps for iOS and Android

Translations of apps for iPhone and iPad with operating systems iOS as well as for Android smartphones or tablets are also part of our service. Some thrifty software developers rely on free full-text translators, which is immediately obvious to users. For some translations, such as German-English or English-Italian, it works reasonably well; for other languages, such as Russian, many translations look at least funny.

Cutting corners here is wrong. A badly translated interface makes a bad impression even on a good programme.

We translate your iOS apps and Android apps, or better said, localise them in best quality in all language combinations offered by us.

Prices for localisation

Prices for software localisation projects may differ from our prices for standard translation. This is because the software strings to be translated are translated much more slowly than the continuous text, so the time required for software localisation is greater.

Software translation

In software development, software localisation describes the adaptation of the contents of an application - such as a website or a computer programme - to local linguistic and cultural conditions. This makes it possible to adapt the application to a geographical or ethnic sales or usage area. The application can thus get more takers and is best suited for daily use in a targeted country, region or even within a desired ethnic group. Alexxtec is your partner for this profitable localisation of software and convinces with various advantages.

Correctly displayed translations

When localising software, it is important to us that the translation is displayed correctly later on. For example, common translations do not take into account that the translated text must be close to the original in terms of length. Otherwise, the text will probably not be displayed correctly. In general, our work always focuses on the goal that the translated version of the text should be similar to the original in terms of appearance and formatting. In this way, we can guarantee that not only has the text been translated perfectly, but that it will ultimately continue to make a professional and tidy impression on the customer. Our experienced translators know what is important and understand how important it is to take such problems into account directly during translation. Their knowledge of software development enables them to approach software localisation not only at the language level, but also at a technical development level.

PC & Internet applications

For us, software localisation is not limited to professional applications. Of course, we also work with normal programmes for this reason. Alexxtec's software localisation therefore also ensures that common PC and Internet applications continue to look good in a wide variety of foreign languages. We use a wide variety of programmes for software localisation. We also use so-called CAT tools such as Catalyst, Passolo, SDL Trados and Star Transit for translation. CAT tools enable computer-aided translation. With this machine support, we can always guarantee the best results.

iOS & Android apps

Apps have long been part of everyday life in the modern world. In order to reach as many international users as possible with digital products, good software localisation into different languages is also essential in this sector. We are happy to take on this task for you. Many apps attract negative attention from users due to poor software localisation, which is usually done with the help of simple translation programmes. A poor software localisation quickly appears cheap and can cause the user to lose interest in the app. A professionally carried out software localisation by us prevents this and guarantees that the app texts are translated correctly into a wide range of languages.

The price of a professional software localisation can sometimes be higher than that of a simple translation. A normal translation as continuous text is often insufficient. The translation of software strings we use goes deeper and results in a higher quality.

This type of software localisation is significantly more costly, but the decisive factor is that you ultimately get more for your money with software localisation!

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