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Technical translations Polish

According to European experts, the Polish economy has entered the new year with a lot of momentum. The year 2022 is expected to be marked by strong growth. 

In 2021, Poland will become Germany's fifth largest trading partner. Germany's trade with neighbouring Poland continues to grow and our regular customers benefit from this. Our translation agency is actively participating. The number of Polish translations we provide is growing steadily from year to year.

Translations into Polish

We have been translating German - Polish and English - Polish since 2001. Our Polish translators are first-class professionals who specialise primarily in translating technical documentation into Polish. Many of them have a solid technical background because they have a second degree as engineers or IT specialists. Sometimes they act as proofreaders for complicated technical translations, sometimes they translate the technical texts themselves.

Every year we translate numerous operating instructions and other technical documentation such as installation instructions, repair instructions, manuals, mainly for clients in the mechanical engineering sector, but also in other sectors such as metallurgy, woodworking, plant engineering, measurement and control technology, road construction, building projects, refrigeration technology, heating technology, automotive technology, etc.

In recent years, Alexxtec has been carrying out more and more orders for IT customers from Taiwan, Germany and the USA. These include translations of hardware and software for the entire Polish market, e.g. special thermal printers, software for controlling energy systems, woodworking equipment, heating systems.

Polish software localisation

wr also receives more and more orders for Polish software localisation: translation of PC software, iOS apps and Android apps into Polish. Industrial software translation is often a component of many translation jobs anyway. 

The translation or localisation of online shops is also part of this.

Our projects for Poland

Our most recent major projects for translations into Polish are, for example 

- German-Polish catalogue of the company Flex Elektrowerkzeuge
- Website of a special printer manufacturer English-Polish
- Documentation energy plant German-Polish
- Operation manual Hydraulic power pack English-Polish
- Operation manual Pile top drill rig English-Polish
- Software localisation Drying plant German-Polish
- Maintenance manual Drying plant German-Polish
- Product brochures Thermal printer English-Polish
- Operating instructions basis weight measuring system German-Polish
- Operating instructions high pressure compressors German-Polish
- Operating instructions water purification system German-Polish
- Software localisation ultrasonic testing system English-Polish
- Operating instructions pumps German-Polish

Not only technology

In addition to various technical translations, we also undertake the translation of documents of other types, such as:

- Sales contracts
- Supply contracts
- Employment contracts
- Business reports
- Presentations
- Business correspondence
- Training materials
- Advertising leaflets
- Product brochures
- Private correspondence

All translations are carried out using CAT tools, mainly the latest version of SDL Trados (Studio 2021 Professional as well as Studio 2019). This saves the client costs, sometimes considerably, and increases the quality of the translation. First and foremost, the use of these programmes ensures consistency of terminology.

We will be happy to advise you on the subject of CAT tools and how they can reduce your costs.

Prices for German-Polish and English-Polish translations

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