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Alexxtec history

The history of our translation agency shows a varied and successful path of a small team of translators and how it became an international company thanks to our hard and consistent work. It all started in 1992 in Germany. You will see who you are dealing with, namely concrete people and not nameless employees of a GmbH or AG.

The years 1992 to 1995

I, the future founder of the translation agency, come to Germany after studying at the Moscow Linguistic University and the Humboldt University in Berlin and work for three years in Wuppertal as a translator for Heitmann GmbH (taken over a few years later by Lionbridge, the world's largest service provider in the translation market, after my departure). I translate various documentation, mainly of a technical nature, for Heitmann's most important client - General Motors / Opel. There I also get to know Apple Mac and layouting and can not only translate in MS Word for DOS and later for Windows, but also layout brochures and even later books on my own on the Apple Mac. During these years I discover the world of semi-automatic translations and, as a hobby programmer, try to tinker with what later becomes the German company Trados GmbH. 

Technical translations since 1995

I study economics for four years at a private business school in Cologne and start my first English-Russian and German-Russian translations at the same time. First alone, then with a colleague from Moscow. Together we translated many operating manuals, 7 days a week, often 12 hours and more a day. Even then, we worked internationally: one office was in Germany, the other in Russia.

Nevertheless, after business school I worked for another three years in my old job at a Cologne company as a translator, DTP specialist, graphic designer, software tester. There I learn about software localisation and translate the first versions of then well-known Symantec products like Norton Antivirus for the Russian market. Then I understand that I have to make a choice between self-employment and continued employment and I finally become self-employed. 

During those years, German companies discovered the Russian market and the supply of equipment, machinery and goods was non-stop. I stuck to technical translations and that was a wise decision.

Later, I hired the first translators or employed them as freelancers, because the volume was too much for all of us to handle. In 2002, we started using proofreaders in order to increase the quality of the translations as much as possible. At the same time, we did not increase the price, which of course went down very well with our clients. This principle still applies to us: no increased prices even with increased demand. 

Translations into Eastern European languages

Since 2005 we have been cooperating with translators from German and English into other languages. First came technical translations into Eastern European languages: Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Ukrainian. This enabled us to serve our existing clients well with an extended range of services by being able to carry out translation jobs in several languages at the same time.

Translations into Western European languages

From 2010 onwards, we also translated more and more from English and German into Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish. We also now offer highly sought-after technical and other German - English and English - German translations. Despite the fact that the market for these translations has long been divided, we continue to receive orders not only from old clients but also from new ones who want to enter foreign markets.

Due to the international nature of our work, our translators are now logically located in many European cities: Prague, London, Madrid, Milan, Warsaw, Sofia, Barcelona, Lisbon. The administration remains in Germany and Moscow.

Translations Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Kazakh

We also offer translations into Asian languages such as Chinese, Korean as well as Japanese from 2010. In 2019 alone, we have successfully executed several major projects on topics such as drilling rigs, extrusion equipment, machine tools.

New management as of 2018

In February 2018, Maximilian Nefedov will take over the commercial management of the translation agency. He will be assisted, if necessary, especially in complicated technical translations, by Alexandre Nefedov - the translator with 25 years of experience. Our family business functions perfectly in this constellation.

New old leadership from 2022

Since Maximilian Nefedov will return to what he actually studied at Wuppertal University, namely economics, Alexandre Nefedov will once again take over the leadership alone.

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