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FAQ: You ask - we answer

Most important questions from our customers

Question: Why are there translators who are cheaper?

Answer: Every translator offers their market price and has different experience and qualifications. We only employ experienced full-time graduate translators, so our prices are reasonable. In addition, as a translation company we offer additional services such as quality management, terminology maintenance, translation memory maintenance, training for in-house translators, etc., which is significantly more than a freelancer.

Question: What is Trados?

Answer: SDL Trados (as it is called in full) is a so-called translation memory system or CAT tool that enables translations to be done more cheaply and, above all, more consistently. In addition to Trados, there are other CAT tools that we use: Across un memoQ. However, SDL Trados, currently in version 2021, remains our most important tool.

Question: Do you use automatic translators? I have heard a lot about e.g. DeepL.

Answer: Automatic translators are forbidden here! They must never be used for professional translations. On the other hand, we have nothing against checking and correcting our clients' machine translations. Recently, machine translation has been making progress. 

Question: We would like to commission you to translate a complicated instruction manual. Can we be sure that the translation is of high quality? Can we then print the manual immediately?

Answer: In the years since 1995, we have not had a single justified complaint from our customers, only praise. That is probably the best guarantee. Comments from our customers, if any, are gratefully accepted, as they can only improve the quality. And: Yes, we only deliver print-ready files (unless otherwise requested). You can send our texts directly to print without further checking.

Once a competitor doubted the quality of our translations. However, an external auditor brought in proved that the criticism was unjustified.

Nevertheless, we have taken out financial loss liability insurance for translators to avert possible damage. Fortunately, we have never had to make use of it.

Question: Do you only translate technical literature?

Answer: Mainly, yes, but we translate texts of all kinds. Our translation agency is divided into different departments with different areas of responsibility. All enquiries and orders are forwarded internally to the appropriate department.

Question: Where is your online dictionary of computer terminology German-Russian?

Answer: Unfortunately, work on the dictionary had to be stopped due to time constraints. In order to avoid having an outdated version on the net, Mr. Nefedov, the author and developer of the online version, has taken it off the server. However, we can always provide translations on all computer-related topics. Ask us, if you have any questions.

Question: What is the benefit of merging with two other translation agencies?

Answer: We see the main gain of these processes as new translators specialising in plant and mechanical engineering; electronics, robotics, new technologies. The staff is our most important asset. And, of course, new clients have been added.

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