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Language pairs Alexxtec

Our translation agency does not translate all the languagees pairs in the world. We offer you these language pairs only, which are most popular for our customers.

Which languages we translate

Language pair
Price for Word, Euro*
German - Bulgarian   0.12
English - Bulgarian   0.12
German - Chinese   0.13
English - Chinese   0.13
German - Czech   0.11
English - Czech   0.11
German - Estonian   0.13
English - Estonian   0.13
German - French   0.12
English - French   0.12
German - Hungarian   0.11
English Hungarian   0.12
German - Italian   0.11
English - Italian   0.11
German - Latvian   0.12
English - Latvian   0.12
German - Lithuanian   0.12
English - Lithuanian   0.12
German - Polish   0.11
English - Polish   0.11
German - Russian   0.10
English - Russian   0.09
Russian - German   0.13
Russian - English   0.13
German - Romanian   0.11
English - Romanian   0.11
German - Slovak   0.11
English - Slovak   0.11
German - Spain   0.12
English - Spain   0.12
German - Turkish   0.13
English - Turkish   0.13
German - Ukrainian   0.11
English - Ukrainian   0.11

* The actual word price may be higher, e.g. for the translation of websites, advertising brochures, etc., if proofreading is absolutely necessary.

Other language pairs 

Other language pairs and prices will be added to our translation agency as and when required. Ask us if you do not find the language combination you require in the list. Other rarer language combinations such as French-Spanish or Polish-Czech are also possible. We continue to work on the expansion of working languages.

Your technical translators

Of course, every client is interested in who they entrust their job to. Translating is a matter of trust. Our database contains only certified, experienced professionals. And, what is even more important for you as our potential client, in all our years of work we have not received a single complaint. And that's with these not always easy projects.

Translations and foreign language typesetting

In addition to translations in the language pairs listed above, we also offer DTP post-formatting. Not every translator always achieves an optimal look for his or her work. Especially when the original is only scanned PDF pages, which happens time and again with technical translations. In this case, our DTP specialists turn a poor PDF template into a beautiful-looking document in Word or InDesign.

Software localisation all languages

In addition to "normal" translations, our services also include software localisation. We translate software for you either with SDL Passolo or with programmes of your choice. Our translators have a lot of experience with localisation, especially of systems and machines, so that all menus and commands can be seen in all the languages we offer. We always recommend that the translation of technical documentation and the localisation of software be carried out by the same translator.

We also carry out the localisation of normal PC applications as well as mobile apps.

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