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Technical translations Bulgarian

Alexxtec has been translating German - Bulgarian and English - Bulgarian as well as from Bulgarian since 2001 and has completed several projects in recent years. We offer technical and legal translations into Bulgarian at the highest level, as with other languages. We translate mainly from the two most important languages of business and technology, German and English.

A special feature of our office when translating for our Bulgarian clients: some of them ask us to provide documentation in the Russian language instead of Bulgarian. Of course, we do that too. This is probably due to the fact that the persons in charge still studied in Russia.

Your Bulgarian translators

But let's stick to the Bulgarian language. Only experienced graduate translators with a good technical background translate for you when it comes to translating technical documentation. Of course, only Bulgarian native speakers translate. All translations are carried out with CAT tools (primarily SDL Trados, currently in version 2021, also the older version 2019 in use), where possible and necessary. Translations with other CAT tools such as Across or memoQ are also possible if requested by the client.

Technical translations into Bulgarian

- Operating manuals
- Installation manuals
- Repair manuals
- safety certificates
- Parts lists
- drawings
- certificates

Legal translations Bulgarian

Many deliveries of machinery and equipment are accompanied not only by our technical translations, but also by legal translations into Bulgarian. These are primarily documents such as 

- employment contracts
- sales contracts
- leasing contracts
- supply contracts
- licence agreements
- articles of association

and other translations related to the project. We translate all of this, of course, to our usual high standard.

Bulgarian software localisation

We also receive more and more orders for Bulgarian software localisation: translation of PC software, iOS apps and Android apps into Bulgarian. The translation of industrial software such as menus and interfaces of mashcines and equipment is often a part of many technical translation jobs anyway. 

The translation or localisation of online shops is also part of this.

Other translations

We also offer all other translations into and from Bulgarian:

- presentations
- advertising brochures
- company brochures
- product brochures
- price lists


Even though Bulgarian is not one of the most widely used languages in the trade between Bulgaria and the rest of the world, Bulgarian is an integral part of our range of available language combinations.

Recent translation projects for Bulgaria:

- Software localisation for woodworking measuring equipment, German-Bulgarian
- Operating manuals for woodworking measuring equipment, German-Bulgarian
- Operating manuals pumps, English-Bulgarian
- Operating instructions presses, English-Bulgarian
- Software localisation energy plant, English-Bulgarian
- Software localisation burner, English-Bulgarian

Bulgarian is one of the few languages that does not have a Latin alphabet but a Cyrillic alphabet. We often have to answer this question in advance when we receive enquiries.

Important for all customers: we only carry out B2B translations. We do not translate for private individuals, in particular certified translations of school certificates, diplomas, driving licences, birth certificates, passports. Please contact our colleagues who specialise in this field.

Prices for translations German-Bulgarian and English-Bulgarian

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