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General terms and conditions of Alexxtec translation agency

Translators' General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for Alexxtec Translations (hereinafter referred to as "Translators" or "Translation Agency") (according to the guidelines of the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators)

1. Scope of application

These Terms and Conditions shall apply to contracts between the Translator and the Client, unless otherwise expressly agreed or required by law.

The client's general terms and conditions are only binding for the translator if he has expressly accepted them.

2 Scope of the translation order

The translation shall be carried out carefully in accordance with the principles of proper professional practice. The client shall receive the contractually agreed copy of the translation.

3. Duty to cooperate and duty to inform of the client

The Client shall inform the Translator in due time about special forms of the translation (translation on data carriers, number of copies, readiness for printing, external form of the translation, etc.). If the translation is intended for printing, the Client shall provide the Translator with a proof.

Information and documents which are necessary for the preparation of the translation shall be made available to the Translator by the Client in good time and without being requested to do so (Client's glossaries, illustrations, drawings, tables, abbreviations, etc.).

Errors resulting from non-compliance with these obligations shall not be at the translator's expense. 4.

4. Removal of defects

The client's claim for rectification of defects must be asserted within 14 days after receipt of the translation. If no complaint is made within this period, the translation shall be deemed to have been duly accepted.

The claim for rectification of defects must be asserted by the client, stating the exact nature of the defect.

If the rectification of defects fails, the client shall be entitled to either reduce the agreed remuneration or to cancel the contract.

5. Liability

The translator shall be liable for gross negligence and intent. Liability in case of slight negligence shall only apply in case of breach of essential contractual obligations.

6. Professional secrecy

The translator undertakes to maintain secrecy about all facts which become known to him in connection with his work for the client.

7. Remuneration

The remuneration is due immediately after acceptance of the translation. The acceptance period must be reasonable.

In addition to the agreed fee, the translator shall be entitled to reimbursement of the expenses actually incurred and agreed with the client. In the case of extensive translations, the translator may demand the advance payment which is objectively necessary for the execution of the translation. In justified cases, he may make the delivery of his work dependent on the prior payment of his full fee.

If the amount of the fee has not been agreed, an appropriate and customary remuneration according to type and difficulty shall be owed.

8. Retention of title and copyright

The translation remains the property of the translator until full payment has been made. Until then the client has no right of use.

The translator reserves his copyright.

9. Applicable law

German law shall apply to the order and all claims arising therefrom.

The validity of these terms and conditions of assignment shall not be affected by the invalidity or ineffectiveness of individual provisions.

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