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Technical translation for mechanical engineering & other fields

Technical translation for mechanical engineering makes up a large part of our translation work. We are therefore experienced experts in this field who can provide you with high-quality and correct work in this area. For technical translation, we employ native speakers who are technically skilled. We are therefore able to offer you technical translations for a wide range of industries. And we do so to and from all the world's major languages.

Extensive experience in the field of technical translations

Our services are mainly in the field of technical translations for mechanical engineering. These account for around half of our work. However, we will also be happy to work for you if you require a translation in the field of plant or apparatus engineering. Our translators also translate documents from the construction and chemical industries. We also offer high-quality technical translations for computer technology or printing machines. We will also be happy to work for you if you need a technical translation in the field of railway engineering, electronics or electrical engineering. You can also turn to us with confidence if you need a translation in the field of energy management, vehicle construction or heating technology. Thanks to our experience in woodworking technology as well as in the fields of automotive accessories and cooling technology, our translations in these fields are also of the highest quality. 

Do you need a translation from the fields of agricultural technology or lighting technology? We are the right contact for you. Even when it comes to medical technology, metrology or metallurgy, with us you are choosing a technical translation of the highest quality. Last but not least, we do an excellent job when it comes to technical translations in the fields of nanotechnology, pumps or repro technology. You can also rely on our translation agency for the translation of documents in the fields of road construction, telecommunications, civil engineering and the environment.

Technical translation for mechanical engineering

As technical translation in mechanical engineering accounts for a large part of our work, we are particularly well-versed in this field. We offer our customers translations of a wide range of documentation. We translate installation instructions and operating instructions as well as repair instructions and maintenance instructions. We are also your professional partner when it comes to translating brochures and price lists. We also support you if a correct translation of the software localisation for the control of the machines is required. Feel free to contact us so that we can work out the optimal solution for the technical translation of your documentation.

Technical translations in & from a wide range of languages

In addition to German - English and English - German, we also offer numerous other language pairs for technical translation in mechanical engineering and other technical fields. Our competent employees translate from and to numerous languages all over the world. We offer technical translations in Hungarian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Japanese and Chinese, for example. To ensure that every technical translation is correct and accurate, we only employ native speakers who have a perfect command of the respective language and possess technical knowledge. This means that you can always rely on the high quality of our services.

Order technical translation for mechanical engineering

With us, you have chosen the best partner for translations in the technical field. We look forward to working for you and impressing you with our high-quality services. If you have any questions about our work, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

You can reach us by phone at +49 (202) 26480015 or by e-mail at info@alexxtec.com.

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