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Technical Translations French

If you need a translation into or from French, we at Alexxtec are your experienced and efficient partners. For many years, we have specialised in technical translations not only from and into French, but also many other languages. We have always worked with a wide variety of companies across all sectors. As a result, we not only have excellent language skills but also extensive industry knowledge in numerous fields. If you need technical documentation or a website translated into French, we are your experts for translating manuals, catalogues, brochures and much more. You can be sure of the highest quality with every translation into or from French. Because at Alexxtec, only native speakers work on your translation.

Technical translations into French from an experienced translation service provider

In the past, we have often had the opportunity to translate texts from a wide variety of sectors into French. The sectors we have already worked with include, for example, lighting technology and medical technology, mechanical engineering and telecommunications, as well as nanotechnologies, chemical and biotechnology, civil engineering and environmental protection. We have also translated texts for the computer and IT industry, electrical engineering and plant and apparatus engineering.

French translation: for all your texts!

We are also experienced in numerous other fields and are therefore able to provide precise, high-quality translations into and from French within the shortest possible time. We translate texts from every technical field reliably and professionally for optimum comprehensibility. However, we do not only carry out technical translations for you. We also translate apps of all kinds as well as texts on lifestyle topics, health and from the fields of cosmetics, living and tourism. Challenge us, we will be happy to prove that we have the necessary skills for translations of all kinds.

Translation into French & many other common languages

We offer translations of technical and other texts into and from French. We also provide translations of the above-mentioned texts into many other languages. Here too, only experienced, native-speaking translators work with your texts. We offer excellent value for money for translations into French and other languages, giving you full cost control and ensuring that your budget is not stretched too thin. No matter what you need translated into French, you can always be sure that we will use the appropriate specialist terminology or, if necessary and depending on the subject matter, we will use everyday or young language to ensure that we always strike the right note. You will receive all translations from us in print-ready format. For this purpose, we work with modern and common layout programmes such as Adobe InDesign or CorelDraw.

Request a quote for translation into French now or get individual advice!

If you require further information about French translation or software localisation at Alexxtec or about our services in general, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you in detail and without obligation and show you the possibilities for cooperation. If you already know what you would like to have translated into French, please send us an enquiry.

You will then receive a non-binding and attractively priced offer from us for the translations you require!

For prices for translations into French, see our price list.

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