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Apps translation

For a long time, we neglected the translation of apps for iOS and Android. Much more extensive localisation of industrial software for machines and plants were more important to us. Only now and then had we carried out smaller jobs, sometimes even free of charge.

Translation iOS and Android apps

Of course, we can also professionally translate apps like other documents with all their content. Whether it's about technology or other topics, it doesn't matter to our team. We translate into Russian or localise apps for you on topics such as health, fitness, nutrition, shopping, travel, foreign languages, tourism, games, learning, etc. 

Software localisation of apps

In addition to the permanent core of our translation agency, our technical translators, we have a large number of freelance translators who are used for special subjects such as medicine, architecture, history, etc. 

This means for our clients that we can translate and localise software of any subject matter to the highest standard. Localisation is the adaptation of texts to local peculiarities, which is not possible with simple translation. 

Unfortunately, Russian mobile phone owners in particular often see that the Russian translation of some apps simply comes from a free internet translator. Even the best apps lose their value because a machine translation is never as good as from a real translator. Sometimes such a translation is funny, but sometimes it is irritating. Although the translation of an app often costs only a few euros, some developers save the costs. As a result, even the best apps lose their real value.

Translation software

We translate your software in every conceivable format. Even though we usually receive the texts to be translated as Excel files, we can handle any other format.

In any case, we use our CAT tools such as SDL Trados to reduce costs for the client and to make it easier for the translator to comply with terminology.

App translation into other languages

As we know that app developers often need translations into several languages at once, which is absolutely right, you can order such multilingual projects directly. You will receive from us translations of your apps not only in Russian, but also in such languages as Chinese, Czech, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and others.

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