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Localisation industrial software

In many translation projects, besides the translation of operating manuals, the localisation of industrial software is also included, which is much more complicated than the translation of PC software. We have been dealing with this since the foundation of our translation agency in 2001.

Software for machinery and equipment

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are very familiar with this type of localisation. Countless machines and equipment working in Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, France, China and other countries have the interfaces in our translation.

Unfortunately, at many trade fairs and also in real life, we often see the software on machines that are not translated by native speakers or are delivered with the wrong coding. This must not be allowed to happen. Even somewhat exotic languages such as Chinese, Russian, Greek run perfectly on all machines when translated correctly, the issue of the correct display of Cyrillic or Chinese characters has not been a problem for a long time.

Special features of software translation

The localisation of industrial software has its special features. It is not a normal and customary translation of documents as we are used to. Our translators should be able to imagine themselves as operators of the machine or plant. It would be best if the translator had the appropriate training, but we have to be realistic that this is not possible. That is why our Russian translators learn how the machine works before they start localising the software. A well-written instruction manual for it, which we also often translate, also helps a lot.

When translating software into Russian or Checian, we as translators very often have a problem in that we usually have a limited number of characters at our disposal. Some software developers who create menus and control panels in English often forget that other languages, including Russian, need many more characters for the translation. But our translators solve this problem, too, without any loss of content.

Largest localisation projects in recent months Russian

- MDF plants
- OSB plants
- Energy plants
- Extruders
- Wagon unloading systems
- Printer Console Remote Management
- Wagon Tipper
- Water treatment plants
- Machine Tools
- Irradiation equipment
- Operating theatre integration system
- Grinding centres
- Safety switchgear
- Irrigation systems
- Intensive care ventilators
- Packaging plants
- Control extrusion lines
- Reversible plate grinding machines
- Machining centres
- Kitchen machines
- Roasting machines
- Centreless grinding machines
- Short-cycle press lines
- Clamping plate systems
- Mechatronic systems
- Spare parts catalogues
- Thermal printers
- Measuring system woodworking
- Ultrasonic testing system 

Software localisation in other languages

- MDF plants Lithuanian
- OSB plants Lithuanian
- Energy plants Hungarian
- Energy plants Romanian
- Energy Systems Ukrainian
- Machine Tools Japanese
- Irradiation equipment French
- Irradiation equipment Spanish
- Spare parts catalogues Polish
- Short-cycle press systems Lithuanian
- Pump control Chinese
- Drying plants Romanian
- Measuring system woodworking Portuguese
- Ultrasonic testing system French
- Drying plants Czech
- Ultrasonic testing system Czech
- Energy plants Latvian
- Energy plants Polish
- Thermal printer Polish
- Measuring system woodworking Romanian
- Ultrasonic testing system Polish
- Measuring system woodworking Turkish

Software translation is often an integral part of translation projects for plant and mechanical engineering. Our specialisation helps customers to prepare their machines perfectly for any market in European and Asian countries.

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